1 ON 1 Entertainment NEWS: 1 ON 1 has added global distribution to our roster of professional services. Artists will be able to have their original music distributed in over 600 online retailers in 100 territories using the same distribution as Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, One Republic, U2, Rihanna and many others.

1 ON 1 Entertainment believes that all artists need to see themselves as entrepreneurs, CEO's of their own businesses, with your music and online image as your products. We work with independent artists, signed artists, labels and music industry professionals as well as other businesses looking to expand their fanbase and followers globally. We'll work together with "Personal Interaction" to to help polish your online image through marketing, clean imagery and graphics, Website Design, PR, Music Publishing and overall Social Expansion as we call it. We'll even offer advice to help improve the quality of your music

We offer many different professional services and guidance including music marketing, music licensing, music publishing, website design, graphic design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social marketing and social expansion, increasing brand awareness, social engagement, increasing fans follows and "Likes", advice for creating cleaner music recordings among many others. You can see our Available Services on our Marketing Page and Licensing Page.

We have removed that cold and impersonal "automated” business model of buying a service through a website and actually have people you can speak with. As creatives ourselves, we know exactly how personal your music is to you and that it deserves nothing less than personal attention. We are professionals in the industry who ou can actually speak with, people who will work with you to devise a strategic approach for your marketing campaign... working with you "One on One"!

At 1 ON 1 Entertainment we work closely with each artist we choose to represent. We firmly believe that building relationships “One on One” is the only way to work, especially in the entertainment industry. We are interested in building a community of artists and media creators who help and support each other.

1 ON 1 Founder Seth Regan, a long time indie artist himself, has over 25 years in the music industry with contacts in TV and Film Production companies as well as Ad agencies. He also has direct connections with music supervisors looking to place all styles of music in TV Shows, Commercials, Films, Online Advertisements and other media, traditionally and on the web.

"I understand what it takes to be an indie artist. I've been there... I'm still there. But we have some amazing tools literally at our fingertips to help us. The trick is to learn how. I believe that creative people should consider themselves 'Entrepreneurs', and treat their career as their 'Business', with their work (songs, paintings, films, etc.) as the 'Products' they offer".

This key aspect of artist development and training is one of the first steps which 1 ON 1 offers to clients. We hope to show artists how to get more Business Minded to expand their fan base and ultimately to earn more money from their craft, and hopefully generate a recurring revenue stream from their work.

Seth Regan
Besides being the founder of 1 ON 1, Seth is currently CEO of two businesses and VP of another, including a professional website and graphic design firm whose focus is on digital design and marketing, PR, SEO (Search Enginie Optimization) and Social Marketing. He brings to the table over 20 years of professional touring as lead singer and guitarist and business manager for three different bands, professional voice overs, session musician and other work in the entertainment industry.

For over a decade, Seth has been utilizing technology to successfully advance his career. He continues performing his live solo acoustic shows on the web and into virtual worlds globally where he has retained the status as the most widely recognized live performer. He is considered a pioneer of many aspects of performing live in virtual worlds. Seth still performs today in virtual worlds and online via live audio and live video performances as an independent solo artist.

As an indie artist, Seth has self released 5 original albums on which he wrote, arranged, performed and sang all parts and instruments, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered. Seth brings his many skills to 1 ON 1, also offering advice and guidance on recording and mixing techniques to clients.

The #1 Goal for 1 ON 1 is to help create a professional and recognizeable online image including a professional logo and website, unique as the artists themselves. We offer guidance to artists and business owners and help them garner more fans and wider recognition globally for their craft and creativity."

Seth holds three Degress in Electrical Engineering, Audio Engineering and Graphic Design. He stays current on emerging technologies and has plenty of professional knowledge and experience in business, technology and live music performance and production to share with 1 ON 1 artists and clients. The #1 Goal for 1 ON 1 is to offer guidance to artists and business owners and help them gain more fans and wider recognition for their craft and creativity.

As a professional designer and marketing pro, Seth has many years of experience to direct his staff to help those artists and busniesses towards successful online marketing of their music, brand and entire company.

Our door is always open. If you need Music Marketing help in creating or improving your online image and presence, or if you would like some professional ears on your music, we'd love to hear from you. Have a look at our Marketing and Licensing pages to see all of our offered services and then Contact Us.

In the meantime, our Blog has some helpful tips from 1 ON 1 that you can start putting into practice right now!

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